How many times did I read HEIDI?

I read HEIDI by Johanna Spyri to myself and later read it aloud to my little sister.  That was sixty years ago. yet there are still images in my memory as clear as if I had climbed the mountain with her. Heidi wore all her clothes, so she wouldn’t have to carry anything. The mountain was steep and she overheated, so discarded clothes as she walked along.  I remember reading about the sound of the wind blowing through the long-needle pines outside her window. Peter the goatherd and Clara, the sick girl who needed a companion so Heidi had to leave her beloved Grandfather and her mountain to be with her.

Do children read HEIDI today?

Image result for heidi book cover 1940      Image result for heidi illustrations 1940  Image result for heidi illustrations 1940

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