From My Journals 1977-78

From My Journals 1977 – 1978
Napa Valley, California

House on Grayson Ave. St. Helena CA

At night
Wind blows the Oleanders
Against the window screens
Trying to get in.

We live
As an island in the vineyards
Marking time
With ticking clocks
While the seasons change

Hiking in Calistoga, CA

Mushrooms on the trail
Pushing up from the dark earth
Glistening with dew.

Brittle yellow leaves
Filtering and reflecting
The autumn sunlight.

Calistoga, CA

I remember bein’ once in Calistoga
The road-dog stopped there
Long enough for coffee
And some pie.

We sat at horseshoe counters
Eatin’ fast
And feelin’ lucky
That we still had many more miles
Left to ride.


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Breakfast at the Yountville Diner

Woman with a bloodless face
Her cold fingers
Weakened by grief
Her life struggling to assert itself
A quiver in her limbs.
She has seen the face
Of anti-life
And now dark glasses
Shield her scalded eyes

The Yountville Diner, Napa Valley, CA

I went to the Yountville Diner
They were serving poetry
Spilled onto the floor.
We soaked them up.

I went to the Yountville Diner
The menu had changed
Spilled on the counter.
We moved to a booth.

The Arizona Face

Old Arizona Indio
What are you doing in Northern California
Walking slow
Let me take your picture
So the landscape of your face
Can take its place
On my Napa Valley wall.
Joyce Martin Perz writing as Joy Martin


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