Rainy Monday

“Choose!” The bearded man said, pulling out his chair and sitting down at the computer. “Decide now.”

“You think this is easy? You’re asking me to make a big decision. It’s not like your question was ‘do you want vanilla or chocolate ice cream?’

“I can’t work until you decide.” The man said. He turned on the computer and opened a new document. He typed a short paragraph and leaned back in his chair. “Here’s the picture. It’s a rainy Monday. You decide.”

Mary Catherie Starr.jpg

“Why rainy?  Why not a sunny day?” Asked the young man who was often described as tall, thin and energetic.

“Stop stalling,” the man said. He took another sip of coffee and stared at the cursor blinking at him from the computer screen.

“How about I flip a coin?”

“Not in character,” the bearded man shook his head.

“OK – I’m going to leave for a few days,” the young man told him. “I’ll give you an answer when I get back.”

“You don’t have a car!” The man told him. “And how far do you think you can walk with a broken leg?”

“I don’t have a broken leg.”

“Not yet.”

“Now you’re taking charge, so why don’t you decide? Make the choice for me.”

“That’s not how it works!” The bearded man slammed his fist on the desk. “You decide or I’m done with you.”

The young man snorted. “Yeh, sure! After two years, a hundred thousand words and three murders? I don’t think so.”

“I’ve been thinking a woman could have committed those murders,” thebearded man said. “In fact, a woman serial killer is a great idea.”

“I choose YES,” said a tall, thin energetic woman. “And I’ll have chocolate ice cream, please.”


                                         When Characters Talk, Writers Listen    Huffington Post 03/19/2014
Karen Dionne, Author, THE MARSH KING’S DAUGHTER              I woke up in the  middle of the night, and this character was in my head talking to me, telling me her history and who she was.  I wasn’t dreaming about this character. She was just there, as real as if she were sitting in a chair beside me.          
Rainy Day photo by Mary Catherine Starr (http://www.marycatherinestarr.com)


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